SwitchEasy Torrent Black Case for iPhone 3G 3GS

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The ultra revolutionary hybrid case for your ultra revolutionary phone.
The SwitchEasy Torrent Black Case for iPhone 3GS & 3G is unique in its class. Featuring a unique mix material hybrid design, the case is made with revolutionary special material ADSP to protect the delicate finish of your device. The 360 degree lint free protection with the total coverage inner shell is made with super strong GE Lexan? polycarbonate i-clip, giving your iPhone backbone, the ergonomic wave is constructured for optimum grip and awesome looks!

The set includes a unit of SwitchEasy Torrent case, 2 anti-static screen guards, 1 microfiber wipe, 2 univerisal dock adapters, 1 video stand, 2 power jack connector and 3.5mm headphone jack protectors.

SwitchEasy Torrent Black Case for iPhone 3G 3GS.

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