Switcheasy Lux for iPhone 4 4S White

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With a rather straightforward design, Lux offers a pretty amount of protection without adding too much bulk. Many companies would charge a far higher price if this was their case, which also includes two screen protector films, a cloth, and a squeegee card. Great value is an attribute we've come to expect from SwitchEasy, and one we appreciate in almost every new product the company releases.

Lux’s design is quite simple, with a thin layer of reinforced cowhide providing a frame for the device—including some protection around the Home button and the top corners. Two nice touches are the glossy textured leather that has a nice feel to it and the inclusion of a raised metal SwitchEasy logo on the back of the case, which adds to the overall premium apparance.


Following the success of DUO, the most brilliantly simple yet innovative design for iPhone, we are now taking the luxurious leather case to the next level. This time we choose to work with a new design with the finest leather - leather made open-faced hard case. LUX™ features open-faced hard-shell solid frame and top insert design; it is convenient for using and installation. This time we focused our efforts on perfecting the fitting and functionality of the design. The form fitting, slim curve hugging and seamless design makes LUX™ succinct, unique and fashionable. All the attention to details makes this case the best value and most luxurious case on the market.

Aside from looking great LUX™ also offers an innovatively new way to protect your iPhone. LUX™ allows you to insert your iPhone 4 from the top, in a quick and convenient way. iPhone is ready for action when the case is on, you can access the volume buttons as well as the mute button without any obstacle. Additionally, unlike other protection solutions LUX™ features a discreet security flap that cleverly makes sure your iPhone remain securely in place, even if upside down.

Unlike any silicone or rubber cases LUX™ allows you to slip your iPhone 4 in your pocket as easily as a hard polycarbonate case. With our distinctive real leather material choice, LUX™ offers the best grip sensation in the market while offering overall ultimate protection just like a hard polycarbonate case. Additionally, LUX™ has a sumptuous microfiber lining that cleans away unwanted finger marks at the back and keeps your iPhone snug and secure with each insertion.

  • Discreet leather made open-faced hard case and unique design for easy access of side buttons.
  • High quality luxurious real leather keeps your iPhone secure and safe, both durable and chic
  • Durable protective case with a unique top insert design for easy day-to-day use
  • Small elastic flap design enable device to remain securely in place, even if upside down


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Switcheasy Lux for iPhone 4 4S White.

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