High Fashion Princess Crown Case for iPad Air

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This is an iPad High Fashion Princess Crown Case for iPad Air that has sleep/wake and multi-angle stand features and designed to keep your iPad scratch free. The durable exterior protects the device, while its soft interior safeguards and cleans the screen.

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This High Fashion Princess Crown Case for iPad Air has a sleek design that keeps your device protected, yet light on its feet. The case holds your iPad securely in place, and the cover converts into a stand--making this the perfect iPad case for reading, working, viewing, presentations and lots more! It has a microfiber velvet lining that protects your screen. The beautiful quilted lines with the round rivets and the ornamental crown make this a stunning case!

-Automatically wakes and puts the iPad to sleep

-Camera hole cut-out on the back and full access to all iPad ports/connections

-Adjustable stand position, comfortable for watching videos or reading

-Available in 4 colors

-Provides protection from scratches, dirt, wear and tear


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High Fashion Princess Crown Case for iPad Air.

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Excellent product
The product is high quality and very useful! Review by Sammy (1.02.2015 tarihinde gönderildi)
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