Galaxy S5 Otterbox Defender Series Realtree Case Max 5 HD Orange

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This is a rugged, camo GALAXY S5 case that blends in on the hunt and stands out the rest of the year. Multi-layer Defender Series camouflage GALAXY S5 case provides rugged protection from heavy use and rough environments.  Enjoy the latest tech tools for navigating your hunt with confidence when you protect your device with this Realtree camo GALAXY S5 case. Trusted OtterBox protection combined with beloved Realtree patterns makes this GALAXY S5 case a must have in all environments.


When you want a protective smartphone case, you look to OtterBox. When you want camouflage, you look to Realtree for the best patterns. Combine these two, and you have smartphone protection that can’t be beat. The durable camo pattern is printed onto the rugged Defender Series case to protect your GALAXY S5 from heavy use and random accidents in the great outdoors.

  • Your GALAXY S5 is completely covered; the case takes on the wear and tear of regular use
  • Dust, dirt and lint are blocked from entering jacks and ports
  • Screen protector guards against scratches and scrapes to the touch screen
  • Popular Realtree camo patters are printed on the case
  • Included holster fits most straps and belts; clip locks in place to act as a kickstand
  • Solid internal shell is made of polycarbonate for its impact-deflecting qualities
  • The clear membrane screen protector is built into the hard shell to guard the touch screen against scratches and scuffs
  • The outer synthetic rubber layer wraps around the shell to complete the case and absorb impact
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Galaxy S5 Otterbox Defender Series Realtree Case Max 5 HD Orange.

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